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  1. Church 101
  2. The Devil.... Revealed.
  3. Temporal vs. Eternal
  4. God's promises to us.
  5. Devotionals
  6. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)
  7. The Roman Road to Salvation through Jesus Christ
  8. Losing Faith: 21 Percent Say Religion 'Not That Important'
  9. God's NOT Dead!
  10. Heaven's Gate/****'s Flame - Paintsville, KY
  11. 'Blood moon' .... A sight to behold during total lunar eclipse
  12. The Tomb of Jesus... Several locations listed, but they all have one thing in common
  13. Acts ch. 2 (KJV)
  14. No promise of tomorrow... But a guarantee of eternity
  15. Psalms ch. 107 ver. 2 KJV
  16. Prayer Request....
  17. Camp Meeting at The Hager Hill FWB... 6/22-6/65
  18. Dividing the Sheep from the Goats
  19. Matthew ch. 24 (KJV) What The Bible says about the end of time
  20. How do you...
  21. A Thanksgiving thread... In June
  22. Acts ch. 11 verses 22, 23 & 24 (KJV)
  23. Sudanese mom sentenced to die for Christian faith is freed
  24. God's Never Gave Up On You....
  25. You can't take it with you & You won't need it where your going
  26. Please Read... What The Bible says about the last days
  27. Vacation Bible School at The Hager Hill Freewill Baptist Church
  28. You Only Live Once.... IS WRONG!!!
  29. Two statements that will determine your eternity
  30. Thank You to the Admins/Mods who opened this Forum...
  31. Zaga's blog
  32. The Ten Commandments...
  33. Those who have FALSE hopes
  34. The Holy Spirit
  35. The difference between a Salvation and religion
  36. What The Bible says about homosexuality
  37. What The Bible says about the Rainbow
  38. Adam's Fall...... Why we are born sinners, and why need to be Saved
  39. If The Bible says it's wrong, then it's wrong. No matter what anybody else says
  40. "In God We Trust"
  41. Bluegrass Poll: Same sex marriage opposition lowest in decade
  42. Praise Report Thread
  43. God doesn't need a dam......
  44. Acts ch. 27 (KJV) When the Storm lasts longer than you thought it would
  45. Hebrews ch. 11 (KJV)
  46. Zaga's Worship Recommendations
  47. Don't place your hope in a Denomination
  48. Prayer Request Thread
  49. 1 Corinthians ch. 2 (KJV)
  50. Why does God hate tattoos and shrimp?
  51. Fear Not / Be Not Afraid
  52. Matthew ch. 25 (KJV) & Parable of Ten Virgins
  53. Numbers 5 11-31?
  54. Commonwealth Worship Night
  55. What to do if you don't understand something in The Bible....
  56. Tri-State Gospel Singing at the Breaks Interstate Park Aug 30th, 31st & Sept. 1st
  57. I can't wait to see the things that won't get in.
  58. What The Bible says about discipling children
  59. The Al Jazeera America at the Harlan County vs. Johnson Central football game
  60. Norman Wilson of The Primitive Quartet has passed away.
  61. Joshua ch. 24 ver. 15 (KJV) Election Day Bible verse
  62. Friends of Bill?
  63. Reading The Bible?
  64. CHRISTmas time
  65. Wrestling is Biblical
  66. Genesis Ch. 1 ver. 20-30 (KJV)
  67. Terror group destructiontion of sacred Christian sites
  68. The Light vs. False lights of the world
  69. The End of God's judgment of man
  70. Say what you will..... we are on the edge of the end of time.
  71. The Internet, Television & Virtual Reality/Video Games in The Bible.
  72. Deathstar 80's Sermons
  73. Noah... The Arc, but there is more to the story
  74. Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Romantic Attraction
  75. #FreeTheNipple.... (The Movement)
  76. Camp Meeting 2015... Hager Hill Freewill Baptist Church
  77. "It Is Finished".... Not "I am Finished"
  78. One flag = HATE.... The Other Flags = Demand Fairness
  79. U.S. Supreme Court rules 5-4 in favor of Same-Sex Marriage
  80. God is still in control.
  81. The Seven Dispensations (How God has dealt with man)
  82. Unplanned parents but never an unplanned birth.
  83. Gay man using Bible publishers over homosexual verses
  84. Get busy living folks!
  85. Satanic Temple unveils goat-headed statue in Detroit
  86. God wants to use Empty Vessels
  87. Give Thanks for what is provided to you.
  88. 1 Corinthians ch. 6 (KJV)
  89. Marriage License
  90. Marriage & Divorce
  91. Doritos' new rainbow colored corn chips are already causing a stir
  92. This thing is wrapping up......
  93. The false doctrine of "The Rapture"
  94. Catholic Misconceptions -- Q&A
  95. Praise and Worship...
  96. Christmas plays cause problems in Johnson County Schools
  97. II Corinthians ch. 4 (KJV) - What the Bible says about Political Correctness
  98. Merry CHRISTmas.... What makes the world mad, but should bring everybody Joy!!!
  99. It's called Christmas NOT X-mas
  100. Christmas Music...
  101. Is the US About to go Cashless?
  102. Hitler grew great roses
  103. Sinners heard him gladly
  104. Twelve Legions and Jesus' Thoughts of the Crowd
  105. Naaman and Kim Davis
  106. 2 Chronicles 7:14 Revival in Paintsville
  107. Jesus Blood... The judas kiss
  108. Matthew ch. 26 verse 39 (KJV)
  109. Snake Handling beliefs
  110. The True mission of the Church...
  111. An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kidís elementary school
  112. Lot and his decisions vs. Today's society
  113. Ask a question: Get an Answer
  114. The Rapture: A Debate
  115. Alcohol Sales in your County/City
  116. Statue of Jesus only thing left standing in house burned by Tennessee wildfire
  117. Beware the Culture War Crusaders
  118. There is no "outskirts of Heaven"
  119. The world before and after sin entered
  120. Scientology
  121. Zero Tolerance for BGR Members - Please Read
  122. Water in Wine or Grape juice?
  123. Baptists have lost their way
  124. Should any flag be put into the Sanctuary
  125. Should there be any portraits of Jesus or of God
  126. Community
  127. He is Risen
  128. The Model Prayer
  129. Ad Infinitum