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  1. Pikeville Cheerleaders
  2. male cheerleaders
  3. Question - Is cheerleading a sport?
  4. Cheerleaders needed or not?
  5. Best Cheer Squad in Floyd County?
  6. Best Cheerleading Squad in Floyd County???
  7. ULTIMATE Question:Is Cheerleading a Sport??
  8. 15th Region Cheerleading Squads! Who's the best!
  9. 15th Region KAPOS 2006
  10. south floyd cheerleaders win all A
  11. Why do cheerleading discussions get so heated? Any theories?
  12. Replacing Reagular Season Squads with Competion Squads for Tounaments!
  13. How important is gymnastics to cheer?
  14. Who Is The Best Cheer Squad In The State? (Not Just The Mountains)
  15. Real Coach -vs- Mommy Coach
  16. South Floyd Cheerleaders win ALL "A" in game comp. in Richmond!
  17. UCA Nationals 2006 Shout Outs!!
  18. Has Co-Ed Cheerleading Hurt Participation In Other Sports?
  19. Have Cheerleading Uniforms Gone Too Far?
  20. Pikeville, Hazard All A State cheerleading champions!!
  21. Kentucky winners so far at UCA Nationals
  22. Anyone land a new tumbling pass or stunt lately?? Lets hear about it!!
  23. 15th Region KAPOS Predictions
  24. South Floyd's Cheerleading Team?
  25. South Floyd's Cheerleading Team?
  26. Floyd Co. Cheerleaders
  27. cheerleading showdown between ER @ SV
  28. what is your favorite cheer.....
  29. Who do you think are good cheerleading squads in the state?
  30. who do you think is the best cheer squad
  31. UCA Nationals 2006 Coverage!!!
  32. What Makes a Good Cheerleader?
  33. Is The Movie "Bring It On" Anything Like "REAL" High School Cheerleading?
  34. Good Tumblers in the 15th
  35. Hazard Cheerleaders
  36. Alumni Cheerleaders: What did you love the most about being a cheerleader?
  37. Cheerleading History: An interesting start
  38. Take you pic:BL cheerleaders or Ac Cheerleaders???
  39. Dance Teams
  40. What squad has the best stunts in the 58th District?
  41. Who has the best middle school cheerleading squad in Floyd County????
  42. 14th Region KAPOS Predictions??
  43. 15th Region:opinions on the large catagory
  44. Jamfest 06
  45. Cheerleading Politics: Does the name ever win the competition?
  46. Support BGR! Get a T-shirt!
  47. 15th Region Kapos Results
  48. Why Did Paintsville Not Compete In Kapos????
  49. Pikeville College Cheerleaders at Mid-south Conference
  50. 15th Region KAPOS: Medium Johnson Central and Prestonsburg--Who should have won???
  51. Question?
  52. 57th In-Game Cheer Competition
  53. who is better Pikeville or p-burg
  54. Anyone Planning on cheering in college?
  55. EVERYONE MUST READ!!!!...................
  56. Kapos State 2006
  57. 15th region kapos
  58. Good Luck 15th Region At State
  59. I really liked .......
  60. college cheerleading choices
  61. kapos
  62. ky cheerleading
  63. lifetime
  64. question--kapos competition
  65. Did Sheldon Clark get screwed or what?
  66. Disrespectful Squads
  67. State Competiton?
  68. Sibling Cheerleaders
  69. Top Competitions
  70. Judging Score Sheets
  71. Off Season
  72. White Jackets
  73. Paintsville Cheerleaders District Tourn.
  74. Hair Styles
  75. Money or Talent?
  76. Training
  77. choregraphers
  78. lifetime show
  79. Hazard or Perry Central?
  80. Camps and clinics
  81. Anyone know results of the Mid-South Conference Competition?
  82. Shelby Valley wins the 59th district girls cheerleading championship
  83. Prestonsburg -- 58th District Cheerleading Champs!
  84. Magoffin takes 57th in-game
  85. 60th District Tournament
  86. Phelps Dance Team..
  87. Great Tool If Used Correctly
  88. East Ridge wins Boys In-game cheerleading award!
  89. Question about In-Game competitions
  90. Best Cheerleading Squad in 15th Region
  91. 57th District Cheerleading
  92. Johnson Central -- 57th District Boys In-game Champs
  93. Who do you think will win the state competition?
  94. 15th Region In-Game Competition Predictions
  95. 15th Region KAPOS Pictures
  96. Belfry Varsity - 60th District Boys In-Game Champs!!!!
  97. Belfry JV- 60th District Girls In-Game Champs!!!
  98. Best Middle School Squad In State?
  99. Who's the 4th best large middle school cheerleading squad in the NATION?! Who?!
  100. Magoffin Co. Dance Team...! the BEST
  101. Toughest Obstacle Your Squad Has Overcome
  102. Who deserved the 59th District Boys Cheerleading Trophy?
  103. KAPOS State Order of Competition
  104. UCA STAFF
  105. Just curious
  106. mountain classic cheerleading competition
  107. Predictions For Kapos State 2006
  108. Cnoference bars certain routines after cheerleader lands on her head
  109. Mountain Classic!!
  110. PERRY CENTRAL and hazard
  111. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery???
  112. Best Cheerleaders in the 14th region!!!!
  113. Deciding one's own destiny
  114. Phelps Male dancer..
  115. Gymnastics coaches in Eastern ky whose your fav???
  116. Tennessee Cheerleading VS Kentucky Cheerleading
  117. Hazard High School Cheerleaders State Champs in Medium Division
  118. 2006 Kapos State Competition Results
  119. Competition in Gatlinburg today...anyone have any info?
  120. 2006-2007 Try-Outs
  121. Magoffin wins the cheerleading trophy at the Sweet 16
  122. What are your favorite brand of Cheer Shoes?
  123. Just for Fun....
  124. Now vs. Then...
  125. South Floyd State Championship
  126. what do you think about belfry middle school cheerleaders
  127. Are cheerleaders today as much role models as they were 20 years ago?
  128. For those of us without a clue about cheerleading
  129. Alright Girls, I got to let you know....
  130. Is it true?
  131. so what now?
  132. Automatics
  133. Hello Hello
  134. Fundraisers
  135. Football Uniforms
  136. Baseball?????
  137. College Clinics
  138. Cheer Camps
  139. Which is more important?
  140. Any Camp news to Share?
  141. Best gym floor for tumbling in the 15th Region
  142. KAPOS Testing
  143. KAPOS Dates Change
  144. Tumbling of Football Field?
  145. SHS Cheerleading
  146. Johnson Central Cheerleaders
  147. East Ridge won Cheerleading 1st Place award during District!!!
  148. Lakin Looney a EKU Cheerleader!!!
  149. Dunbar national champs?
  150. Most Improved????
  151. Half-Time Entertainment
  152. Who,your 1st full twisting,and who taught them?
  153. Powell Co High Cheerleaders
  154. Best Mascot in the State!
  155. 57 District cheerleaders!!
  156. Best Squad and Cheerleaders in the 15th Region?
  157. Gymnastics....
  158. UK's Cheerleading Clinic
  159. Whos the best in the 15th
  160. Best Tumblers At Belfry High or Middle!
  161. Cheer Movies
  162. Cheeriffic All Stars Win
  163. Best All star teams in Central Kentucky?
  164. Playoff Weeks
  165. Cheering Away BB Games
  166. Winterfest Competition Jan 20th @MAC
  167. PHELPS Dance team does it AGAIN!!
  168. Now that basketball has started..
  169. Who's the Top 5 Best Tumbler's this year in the 58th District?
  170. Any results from the Elite Cheer/Dance Competition?
  171. KAPOS Divisions
  172. Starting of Basketball Cheerleading Season 14th Region
  173. What About The JBS Cheerleaders?
  174. WHO ARE THE JBS TUMBLERS? please tell me if you know
  175. Best Tumblers In 14th Region?
  176. Better Cheerleaders, KCC or JBS
  177. Pikeville's Basketball Cheerleaders
  178. New Rules
  179. 15th Region KAPOS
  180. Pikeville Cheerleaders
  181. Winterfest
  182. Wymt Classic
  183. A Cheer Leaders Responsibility....
  184. 14th Region Comp.
  185. Pikeville & shelby valley
  186. 15th Region KAPOS postponed and rescheduled
  187. 15th Region Kapos Predictions
  188. What do you think about Pikeville's (Maroon and White) cheerleaders this year?
  189. 57thDistrict?
  190. Leading the Crowd
  191. Hazard High School 14th Region 2 1/2 Minute Champs
  192. If You Quit Cheerleading?????
  193. 14th region champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  194. Estill County State Bound...again!
  195. Region 11
  196. Why only one sock!!!!!!!!!!!!
  197. state competition??
  198. 16th Region??
  199. 15th Region KAPOS results
  200. Nice turnout, Big crowd but was everyone satisfied with the results?
  201. Class 'A' state tourn. Cheerleaders..
  202. All A Results?
  203. Phelps Dance team 2007 Class A State Champs
  204. We've Got Spirit!
  205. Good Luck to All Kentucky Squads @ Nationals
  206. Pikeville Junior High WINS NATIONALS!
  207. 2007 UCA Small Varisty Division Results
  208. 2007 UCA Medium Divison
  209. Is cheerleading a Sport
  210. Gymnastics
  211. Pike County Cheer Champs
  212. Paintsville junior high squad..
  213. Time State Competition???
  214. Mountain Classic
  215. ( ? ) About cheering at games
  216. Dunbar Cheerleading
  217. KAPOS saturday
  218. Results from State??
  219. Congratulations Letcher Central And Perry Central!!!
  220. State KAPOS Scholarship...congrats
  221. Pikeville Maroon Cheerleader Injured at State Competition
  222. Best Wishes/Good Luck/Congrats
  223. What happened to Hazard at State KAPOS?
  224. In Cheer, what's age got to do with it... do with it?
  225. 58th District Tourney- Cheer
  226. Rude Squads
  227. ECHS cheerleaders 56th District Champs
  228. Pikeville Vs. Shelby Valley Student Sections... Who Won??
  229. Prestonsburg wins 58th district cheerleading
  230. Bath wins 61st!
  231. District Rules / Gudielines
  232. About Region Tournamnet
  233. Why cheerleading drama???
  234. Cheerleading Categories
  235. Dance/Cheer Teams
  236. Senior Cheerleaders
  237. JBS and Powell Cheerleaders.
  238. Cheerleading And Injuries
  239. Rude Pep Sections
  240. Is Dancing a Sport? (as in Dance Teams' dancing)
  241. Hazards Cheerleaders
  242. Phelps Dance Team
  243. Kapos At Sweet Sixteen: Stay Seated
  245. Moms Living Through Cheer Daughters
  246. JBS Cheerleaders
  247. JBS student section
  248. County @ Large
  249. "Phelps Guy Dancer" News Article
  250. Girls Sweet Sixteen Cheerleading