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  1. Would you vote for Hillary?
  2. Peanut Butter recall
  3. Newborn baby skeletons found in bag
  4. Lady has power restored after 15 years.
  5. Another Food Recall
  6. HPV vaccine yes or no?
  7. House passes minimum wage increase
  8. Investigators deny planting evidence in murder case of exonerated man
  9. Teacher arrested after sending text messages to a state trooper.
  10. Prison guard found guilty of smuggling drugs into Big Sandy
  11. The Koran
  12. Civilian deaths in Iraq
  13. Cheney OK after Afghan Blast; 14 killed
  14. Woman accused of using infant as car down payment
  15. Archaeologists, scholars dispute Jesus documentary
  16. John McCain
  17. South Carolina Middle School Teacher Accused of Having Sex With at Least 5 Underage B
  18. Stock Market Tuesday
  19. At Least 6 Dead After Charter Bus Carrying Baseball Team Falls From Bridge in Georgia
  20. Tornado survivor: School 'was complete chaos'
  21. Pike Expo Center bleeds cash
  22. Florida Construction Crew Finds Baby's Remains in Pickle Jar
  23. 420 lbs. Mom Didn't Know She Was Pregnant
  24. Kentucky Man's Body Transported Home in Cardboard Box
  25. Vermont Wants Bush Impeached
  26. Intruder shot, killed
  27. Anyone catch the NBC NIghtly News?
  28. Child Hit By A Car Near Downtown Lexington
  29. How many watched 60 Mins last night.
  30. Toddler Stabbed, Thrown Out Car Window
  31. Grandmother, 3-year-old Fall From I-64 Overpass In Bath Co.
  32. Judge-Executive Resigns In Wake Of Vote Buying Conviction
  33. BREAKING NEWS: Missing Boy Scout Found Alive
  34. Elizabeth Edwards' Cancer Returns, John Edwards Campaign to Continue
  35. Abducted Child Found In Lexington
  36. Officers Blamed for Tillman Case Errors
  37. Sheriff: Slain Student Burned on Grill
  38. Officials: Smith's death caused by overdose.
  39. Hillary or Obama?
  40. Man Hit By Semi After Police Chase
  41. Girl Kicked Off Plane After Coughing Fit
  42. Which Will Come First?
  43. Should Hospital Workers Be Unionized?
  44. Global Warming?
  45. Seal hunts begin
  46. What will Edwards do to raise money???
  47. Compare Bush's house to Al Gore's
  48. Where Am I....
  49. Bill O'Reilly v. Geraldo Rivera
  50. Is Bigfoot Real?
  51. Shooting at Va. Tech
  52. Warning Signs
  53. Why Does Pike County Hate Pikeville?
  54. VT Killer Sent a Package to NBC
  55. Anyone seen the news on Texas?
  56. Shooting at NASA's Johnson Space Center
  57. E. KY Miner killed (3-12-07)
  58. What's The Deal With Pat Tillman?
  59. This woman is crazy!! MUST WATCH!!
  60. The Awful Truth
  61. Gas Prices
  62. Lunsford/Stumbo 2007
  63. Jerry Falwell Dies
  64. Governor's Race: Democrats
  65. Governor's Race: Republicans
  66. Faces Of The Fallen
  67. The Run For The Wall
  68. The Creation Museum
  69. A different View of Global Warming
  70. Al-Sadr reappears, says U.S. must leave
  71. Are You Against Coal Mining?
  72. A Wild Ride
  73. Clay City Chief of Police Shot and Killed
  74. Michael Moore's New Movie - Sicko
  75. Nine firefighters die in fire
  76. Freak Accident at 6 Flags of Kentucky Kingdom
  77. Hazing/Pledging
  78. Pregnant Ohio woman's body found
  79. Become a Vegetarian to Stop Global Warning
  80. Town mourns 5 cheerleaders killed in fiery crash
  81. Gore's Seven Point Pledge on Global Warming
  82. Next Terror Attack
  83. Global Warming... On the move.
  84. Al Gore III busted for Drugs
  85. Scooter Libby gets out of jail time!
  86. 6 year old girl gets her intestine sucked out by pool drain
  87. Live Earth Concerts Become Worlds Largest Entertainment Event
  88. Four Dead, Others Injured After I-75 Crash
  89. County Attorney Arrested for DUI
  90. Edwards "Road To One America" Tour
  91. Badger badger badger badger ...
  92. So far....the best Republican candidate I have seen - Ron Paul
  93. Who Will Be The New Principal in Paintsville?
  94. Why Did The Old Paintsville Principal Resign?
  95. Who will be the new principal at Pikeville???
  96. What is so special about the Republicans?
  97. Bridge collapse in Minneapolis,MN
  98. Crumbling Bridges Big Problem
  99. Moral Test....
  100. The Barnyard Dems.
  101. Child Labor and Sweatshops
  102. Magoffin County - "Whitest County in America"
  103. Romney Worth $250,000,000
  104. Obama Talks About Cuba And Iraq
  105. Great article from a "green" Preacher that smashes sterotypical views.
  106. Researchers Find the True Cause of Global Warming
  107. Alberto Gonzales Resigns as Attorney General
  108. Useful Coal By Products
  109. Racism, Alive and well in Jena, Louisianna
  110. Iraq Progress Report Will Be Biased
  111. Stupid Arizona Cop kills K9 unit
  112. Duke Players to Seek $30 Million
  113. Outrage!
  114. Remember...
  115. Anbar Province Isn't Baghdad
  116. Being Required to Vote?
  117. A Warmongering "christian" Nation?
  118. Private Army(Blackwater USA) getting kicked out of Iraq
  119. The War Profiteers.......Here they are.
  120. Bin Laden calls for a Pakistani revolt.
  121. Iran President Amadinejad Rips U.S.
  122. Our world's a bit safer
  123. Immigration Takes Guts And Desperation
  124. Wisconsin town in shock after off-duty deputy kills 6
  125. 14 Year Old Arrested For Planning Columbine Style Attack
  126. Church Group Opposes Bush Administrations Mine Rule Change
  127. Court Identifies Eleven Inaccuracies in Gore's...
  128. Gas Prices
  129. Bomb In Pakistan Kills 136
  130. Who Said This?
  131. Old Story Re-Written
  132. California Fires 300,000 Evacuated
  133. Do any other schools have this problem?
  134. Westboro Church fined!
  135. Bush Invaded Iraq for oil
  136. Ron Paul's Chances
  137. Steve Beshear To Be Next Governor of Kentucky
  138. Barack Obama
  139. Veteran's Day
  140. Explosion Rocks London
  141. CNN's Report of WWE Steroids.
  142. Is Obama a Muslim??
  143. Chuck Norris
  144. US Ships Denied Entry to China Ports
  145. Bush Loses Ally
  146. The Fair Tax
  147. Democrat approval rating in congress is...
  148. What is Bill's problem?
  149. CNN/YouTube debate tonight.
  150. Fred Thompson
  151. Veeps?
  152. Ronald Reagan's legacy
  153. Political views (a few questions)
  154. Religion
  155. Water-Boarding?
  156. 1st BGR Constitutional Convention
  157. BREAKING NEWS!! Hostage Crisis at Clinton's HQ!!!
  158. What person...
  159. Abolish the IRS
  160. Will Knott Co. Judge Exec. go to prison?
  161. 9/11 Conspiracy
  162. Abortion
  163. Favorite Reagan Quotes
  164. Freemasons
  165. Ron Paul!!!!!!
  166. Line-Item Veto
  167. Bushism's
  168. Church and State?
  169. Gambling
  170. What if...
  171. Where were you?
  172. Who killed JFK?
  173. The Death Penalty and Abortion
  174. amusing... a must read LOL
  175. Favorite political pundits and authors?
  176. Need help! Political books?
  177. Who will it be?
  178. New Trilogy: The Golden Compass
  179. Can Celebrities Influence Elections?
  180. Dear Mr. President
  181. How bad do you regret......
  182. How To Be A Professional Libertarian
  183. A sad day for this nation...
  184. Would you support this political platform?
  185. Manslaughter/Murder Question
  186. Quiz to see who you should vote for
  187. What Do You Think About Mitt Romney?
  188. Golden Compass
  189. Gay Rights!!!!......please Read And Reply
  190. Do you Think 9/11 Was A Conspiracy????
  191. Most Ridiculous Poster On This Site...
  192. Ron Paul sets all-time record...
  193. A question for pro-choice people...
  194. Same Sex Partner Civil Unions
  195. Birth Control
  196. Catholicism vs Protestantism
  197. Read this and tell me if this is racist.
  198. Global warming.
  199. Malcolm X.....Racist or Not????
  200. Seriously if this can't scare the rest of the world...
  201. Time: "Person of the Year" is....
  202. Kucinich's brother found dead.
  203. Hottest female politician?
  204. Mitt Romney....Pro-Choice THEN.......Pro-Life NOW...
  205. Giuliani hospitalized...
  206. A question for pro choicers.
  207. Smoking in Public
  208. Does the government care about people like you?
  209. Senate Report: Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming
  210. I Got Sicko Today.....Is It A Good Movie?
  211. Universal Health Care
  212. Abuse Of Schedule 2 Narcotics In Eastern Kentucky
  213. With class...
  214. Serj Tankian-Empty walls....this vid has so much symbolism in it watch it.....
  215. X-Mas???
  216. Nostradamus
  217. Assisted suicide
  218. Democrat or Republican?
  219. Palestine/Israeli Dispute
  220. Da Vinci Code
  221. Benazir Bhutto Assassinated In Pakistan
  222. Dinosaurs
  223. The Grand Canyon
  224. Great movie on now...
  225. Huckabee/Obama Win Iowa Caucus
  226. New Hampshire Debates
  227. Best Candidate for President?
  228. First Primary Results are in
  229. U.S. Confrontation with Iran
  230. Is it possible...
  231. Clinton wins N.H.
  232. Think About This Before Voting For Hillary.......
  233. Political joke.
  234. 'Meanest Mom on Planet'
  235. Who would you vote for?
  236. What do they stand for?
  237. LCA Fined Over Financial Aid To Athletes
  238. America as a Superpower
  239. Guns on Campus?
  240. Romney projeted winner of Nevada GOP caucuses.
  241. The dream of MLK being forgotten?
  242. Jack Kevorkian Speaks At Florida
  243. Gay Jesus play angers church leaders
  244. Adam & Eve And The Family Tree
  245. America on the Decline
  246. Bumper Sticker for the Presidential Candidate
  247. Thompson quits Presidential Race.
  248. Support Guns
  249. Tom Cruise's Scientology Rant
  250. I Love My Wives