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  1. My wife and Soulidium band
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  12. Comeflywithme.. Here is visual examples of using masks. Use pic of my brother.
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  16. Dicky Lyons Custom photo Kentucky Wildcats
  17. Custom PS3, PS2, Xbox, & 360 covers. Request yours. Will do high school
  18. Gave the wife a few tattoos and she is smoking hot.
  19. She's a Viper
  20. Heres the custom Lorenzen NCAA cover pillsburythrowboy requested.
  21. Here is Woodson NCAA cover.. It is slick. At least I think so.
  22. Alternate Disney Cars
  23. Change the color of your car and even add fur. Take a look!
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  32. Creating NFL Sig for midee1- N.O. Saints (video demonstration)
  33. Created Brett Favre Sig if anyone is interested. (added video demo of the process)
  34. Braylon Edwards Cleveland Browns Sig for vundy33
  35. Creating a Cyborg using photo of my son (video demonstration)
  36. Beautiful custom 3D photography of my two boys.
  37. 3d effect panoramic photo using my boys. (Video Demonstration)
  38. Hillary Clinton make over tutorial/demonstration. Video: 15 to 20 years
  39. Ramel Smooth Bradley tribute (album art cover and sig) Video and photo inside
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  57. Made the wife look 60 years old with video.
  58. how to change eye color and add eyelashes with video
  59. Paint Shop Pro Tutorial site. Free easy to follow step by step tutorials. Learn how
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