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Strikeout King 04-05-2017 11:07 AM

Wrestlemania to become a Two-Night Event?
Good idea? Bad idea? You choose!

Dave Meltzer thinks it's a good idea.

Read the Q & A here between him and Bryan Alvarez:

Pulp Fiction 04-05-2017 10:39 PM

I know WrestleMania has gotten way out of hand from what it used to be (and what it should be used for) but I think one night is the way it should stay.

We are getting WAY TOO MANY matches that need to take place before or after WM.

All of the PPV's are killing the story lines. I've said it before but there is no way to build anything up (that has any meaning) with 12-15 PPV's and 2 weekly live shows that are on back-to-back nights.

WrestleMania was WAY TOO LONG this year. The majority of the matches were great. WM needs to take place in one night with a time limit of no more than 3.5 hours.

zaga_fan will find some reason to disagree with me..... but I speak the TRUF!!!

zaga_fan 04-08-2017 11:37 AM

Pulp, you gotta understand we are professional wrestling fans watching a "sports entertainment" product.

I think they can still build storylines correctly with monthly PPVs for each show so long as the big payoffs come during the Big Four.

I think it was a really long show and I would prefer it be shorter - but there is no way to shorten it to 3.5 hours. I say cut the filler out of the pre-show and get four or 5 matches in there. You may save an hour like that.

plantmanky 04-08-2017 05:48 PM

Wrestlemania as a PPV doesnt work with a brand split. Just doesnt. It can not be the best. Your two best matches of the night were because one guy retired, and the other needs to retire but hes banging the bosses daughter so he gets his 10 minutes of glory.

Having the brand split, the number of PPV is ok.

Problem WWE is having is, no real competition to their product and the fact that they are in high demand. Raw and Smackdowns are selling out. Heck you cant get tickets to about half of the house shows anymore.

zaga_fan 04-09-2017 10:09 AM

I think HHH is still a legit draw.

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