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nekysportsfan 08-26-2017 01:39 PM

16th Region 2017-2018 Season Preview
Here is an early preview of the 16th region this year:

Top 8 teams:
1. Boyd County - Pete Fraley's Lady Lions return the top player in the region, junior Marshall commit Savannah Wheeler, along with twin seniors Charity and Payton Shears. East Carter freshman transfer Harley Paynter will help as well. With her addition, Boyd has 4 potential D1 players in their starting lineup. The defending champs will be tough to beat.
2. Russell - Senior Madison Darnell is one of the top players in the region. No team in the region has a player to match her size and skill. Fellow seniors Ty Mitchell and 3 point specialist Rachel Michael make the Lady Devils a tough out. Russell has significantly more size than any team in the region with junior Lakie Sanders and freshman Aubrey Hill. They also have the experience of winning 2 years ago.
3. West Carter - The return of junior Morgan Berry and sophomore Becca Nolen boost the Lady Comets significantly. They join a host of players like junior Hannah Bear, sophomores Kallie Burchett and Ragan Adkins, and 8th grader Allie Stone, all who got significant experience last season in winning the 16th All A. West is close to being the force they used to be.
4. Ashland - The return of Louisville commit Mykasa Robinson gives Bill Bradley's Kittens a chance in any game. Sophomore Julia Parker may be one of best shooters in the region to go along with her. Contributions from senior rebounder Sarah Rymer and juniors Miranda Martin and Emma Fulton will be key for Ashland.
5. Menifee County - Junior Emma Hacker returns to lead the Lady Cats along with Senior Mara Walker. Menifee is a team on the rise and could knock off one of the top teams on any given night.
6. Lewis County - Experience is abundant for Lewis County as they come into the season with a senior led team. Abby Pick, Gracie Yates, Jalyssa Cortez, and Allison Voyles lead the Lady Lions. This is most definitely a well coached team that could win their district this season and make noise in the region.
7. East Carter - The Lady Raiders graduated 4 of their 5 starters. The lone returning starter transferred to Boyd County leaving behind a ton of inexperience. Senior Taylor Jackson and junior Taylor Hall lead a talented bunch of sophomores and freshman into the season. The growth of the young players will be important for East.
8. Greenup County - The Lady Musketeers enter the season with a new coach, Keith Roark, at the helm. A very talented junior class including Maggie Miller, Gracie Haywood, and Holly Bryant make Greenup a tough matchup. Sophomore Grace Jackson should contribute as well. The 63rd district is likely the toughest district in the region.

The bottom 8 teams:
9. Rowan County
10. Raceland
11. Fleming County
12. Bath County
13. Morgan County
14. Elliott County
15. Fairview
16. Rose Hill

Top 10 Players:
1. Savannah Wheeler (JR - Boyd County)
2. Mykasa Robinson (SR - Ashland)
3. Madison Darnell (SR - Russell)
4. Abby Pick (SR - Lewis County)
5. Morgan Berry (JR - West Carter)
6. Charity Shears (SR - Boyd County)
7. Payton Shears (SR - Boyd County)
8. Ty Mitchell (SR - Russell)
9. Emma Hacker (JR - Menifee County)
10. Julia Parker (SO - Ashland)

Best of the rest: Becca Nolen (SO - West Carter), Harley Paynter (FR - Boyd County), Hannah Bear (JR - West Carter), Maggie Miller (JR - Greenup County), Mara Walker (SR - Menifee County), Lauren Runyon (SR - Raceland), McKenna Moore (JR - Bath County), Abby Ross (SR - Morgan County), Rachel Michael (SR - Russell)

Looking forward to the season. If there are any other 16th region fans in here...would love to hear your opinions as these are just my initial thoughts on the upcoming season.

kittycat 10-13-2017 06:13 PM

Speaking of Ashland not sure we will be #4 pre season but thats ok well love the motivation. We will be 10 deep to go to. Our bench will be strong to go along with great kids.

Cheezy 10-13-2017 08:55 PM

Robinson is the best player in the region. I understand that she was injured last year and played a shortened season and all. The wheeler kid is tough but Robinson is better.

Dookie 11-07-2017 09:27 AM

After watching Boyd this summer and knowing who they have returning, I'd say Boyd being number 1 is right on Q. Fraley is the regions best Coach and he definitely gets the most out of his team. With Wheeler returning to run the show and the Shears twins back they will be a tough out. Paynter will fill the role of spot up shooter with Reeves gone but will definitely need to improve on the defensive end. Wheeler and the Shears twins are excellent defenders and Boyd's pressure defense might not be as formidable as in the past but I look for them to play well together as a team and get the job done. Size is over-rated in today's game. Length/Athleticism/Shooting ability seem to be the main aspects of today's game and I feel like Boyd has all these tangibles- plus Fraley's one of the best at developing players. They spread the floor and make you defend corner to corner so I don't feel like size will be much of a hindrance to this team unless they face a team with an athletic big that can run/defend/and score at all 3 levels. Not many of those in the 16th Region. Depth seems to be the only concern for these Lady Lions but Fraley never goes more than 7 or 8 deep anyway. Good Luck Lady Lions!

Dookie 11-08-2017 04:27 PM

Russell would be my no 2 pick in the region. Darnell and Mitchell are as good a 1-2 punch as any team in the region. Throw in a 3 point specialist in Michael- size in the paint with Sanders and Hill and add Ross-Collins to that mix and they have as good a starting 5 as any one in the region. Ross-Collins I feel is the best freshman in the region and is a Darnell clone that by seasons end will make a definite impact on this team. Russell likes to keep the score low and play possession by possession. They have the team to play a faster pace with Darnell/Mitchell/Ross-Collins but I don't look for them to change much. Their size will help them but can also hurt them when defending a Boyd or West Carter that can spread the floor and shoot. I feel they can change and play a few styles but will morph into a typical hard nosed feisty Russell team. Anxious to see them play and how they develop. Good luck Lady Devils!

nekysportsfan 11-08-2017 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by Dookie (Post 2099443)
Russell would be my no 2 pick in the region. Darnell and Mitchell are as good a 1-2 punch as any team in the region. Throw in a 3 point specialist in Michael- size in the paint with Sanders and Hill and add Ross-Collins to that mix and they have as good a starting 5 as any one in the region. Ross-Collins I feel is the best freshman in the region and is a Darnell clone that by seasons end will make a definite impact on this team. Russell likes to keep the score low and play possession by possession. They have the team to play a faster pace with Darnell/Mitchell/Ross-Collins but I don't look for them to change much. Their size will help them but can also hurt them when defending a Boyd or West Carter that can spread the floor and shoot. I feel they can change and play a few styles but will morph into a typical hard nosed feisty Russell team. Anxious to see them play and how they develop. Good luck Lady Devils!

You seem pretty smart for a Dookie...especially since you agree with my 1 and 2 picks. Darnell should dominate this region inside if they choose to move her down there. Do you agree or disagree with any of the rest of my list?

Dookie 11-08-2017 07:42 PM

Dookie's a nick name- I'm a true Blue Blood! I don't think Darnell will move down. She wants to have the ball in her hand and control the offense....I think they need to use her inside and outside depending on matchups. Her and Robinson from Ashland both will be a nightmare for teams to match up with because both can play inside or out. Robinson's athleticism and strength will benefit her to play either. I like the list but I'd put Ashland ahead of West Carter simplynon the strength of Robinson. Kittens are a mystery...could be any where from 1 to 4 with Robinson being good enough to carry them to the top spot but also depends on their cast. West is good but still a bit young. They have a deep young roster with plenty of shooters and Berry will help but I'm not sure enough to put them over the top. Watched them play a bunch over the summer and felt like Berry was better as a freshman than she is now. Like the assessments on Menifee and Lewis. East may be better than people think. Those kids had success in Middle School and Hager can coach. Losing Paynter hurt depth but I think they will grow up quick. I think Gallion will be a difference maker before it's all over- kid has an unbelievable motor and work ethic. Greenup is a mystery. Haywood will have a break out year if they get her off the point. Bryant is a physical specimen and Miller is a hard nosed big effort kid. Jackson is the one that has athleticism that's off the charts and still developing- could be a special player. They hurt at pg position and not sure who they will play there. They have a young kid not quite ready. Zaph may play it but she's more of a 2. We'll see- talent not the issue here and with Roark taking over it'll be interesting to see how it pans out- Greenup has been a coaching carousel the last few years. I'll try and detail no 3 and down in the next few days then I'll detail a top 10 type player list- Can't wait to get the season started and watch these young ladies play. Keep the posts coming- should be an exciting year in the 16th!

nekysportsfan 11-09-2017 09:24 AM

I agree that East Carter has the potential to surprise this season. Easterling has had teams near the top of the pack for the past few years and never was able to bring home the region title with Mayo. Some coaches coach teams that aren't favorites and without "stars" better. I think he might be one of those types of coaches. East Carter's freshman and sophomore classes have a lot of talent and even with the transfer of Paynter, they can still be very competitive. Their games with Boyd this year will definitely be ones to watch.

I think Greenup can be a big surprise as well. You are right in that they are sorely lacking a point guard, though. If they can get any game into a half court grind-it-out type game, then they could upset anyone. Roark is a good coach and was on the staff of Russell's region winners 2 years ago. They will continually run into problems with pressing teams like Boyd and athletes like Robinson from Ashland, though, if they can't figure out a reliable way to cut turnovers and get the ball up the floor and get into their sets.

I think both Ashland and West are somewhat of a "mystery" as you say because we haven't really seen the versions of these teams with their "star" players on the floor, Robinson and Berry. A lot will have to do with coaching as to how they utilize their star players to maximize the ability of the rest of the players on the teams. Bradley did well a few years ago, but he had numerous "stars" on those teams so his job was a lot easier than it will be this year. That's where Fraley is so good for Boyd running everything around and through Wheeler and Russell seems to know their roles around Darnell as well. It is somewhat of a toss-up between Ashland and West, though, and I can understand putting Ashland in front of West based on Robinson alone.

I look forward to your previews of all of the teams.

Dookie 11-09-2017 03:16 PM

The Kittens I feel are the wild card in the Region. With Robinson back and healthy they are very capable of winning the region. Even without Robinson I'd pick them no worse than 4 or 5 after gaining valuable experience without her last year. Sr Rymer is back and is an athletic beast on the boards. Parker led them in scoring last year and is one of the premier shooters in the state of KY. Her range is off the charts. I watched them about 4 times last year and once over the summer and she has yet to disappoint. 2nd leading scorer Fulton is a defensive specialist and a hard nosed kid that really gets after it. Martin is the key- if she plays like she did in the Regional game she could well be a top 10 player in the region- she just needs to be more consistent. Throw Robinson in that mix and you have a very scary team capable of winning the region. Robinson is a flat out stud that could carry a team in the tough games. She is capable of scoring 40 on any given night but I feel with the pieces around her she won't have to. I feel like they have the team to press and get after it on defense but Bradley never seems to play that style. Robinson could well be the best defensive player in the region and Fulton is a hard nosed gritty defender that creates turnovers and Martin's length and athleticism also fits that style. Never sure what they do on offense at times but they have 3 that can get to the rim on anyone and Martin-Fulton and a much improved shooter in Robinson are all capable of shooting the 3 along with The sniper Parker. Depth wise I feel like they can go about 7 or 8 deep with Bradley-Johnson and a guard that plays some which is about what anyone else can do. Also they have the luxury of having 2 point guards which gives Bradley the ability to move Robinson around and create match up night mares. I really like this team on paper but........Paper doesn't win Regions! I'll try and catch this team early just to see Robinson play and we'll know more after 5 or 6 games. Good Luck Kittens!

Dookie 11-11-2017 06:02 PM

West Carter is a team that I feel is 1 yr away from being the best team in the region. Coach Rayburn loves to spread the floor and let the 3's fly similar to a Boyd Co. This team full of guards also plays a scrappy aggressive defensive style and their youth grew up fast last year. Stone is a tireless worker and this young kid is going to be a great one. She can flat out shoot the rock. Add Jr Baer and Burchett and this trio made well over a hundred 3's last year. Adkins is also a very solid kid. The loss of Hanshaw really hurt them last year as I feel like she was the heart and soul of this team. Nolan will be back after recovering from an ACL injury and Berry is eligible this year. I feel Nolan could well have been there best player before she got hurt. Berry adds some strength and some inside presence that they desperately need. I feel like Berry was better as a freshman than she is now but it'll be interesting to see how she fits into this offensive scheme that Rayburn runs and is perfectly fitted for this team. I feel if any team in the region will suffer from too many mouths to feed as 1 poster on here said it'll be this team. Anxious to see how Rayburn handles these young guns but I was very impressed with his coaching last year. If they buy in and play unselfishly and together they can knock off any team in the region. I really like the make up of this team. Good luck ladies for a successful season....I look forward to seeing this team play!

nekysportsfan 11-12-2017 02:53 PM

Excellent previews of Ashland and West! Some early season games to watch for some of the top teams:

Nov 30 - Russell @ Boyd
Dec 4 - Boyd @ Ashland
Dec 9 - Teays Valley Christian Prep vs Ashland @ Boyd
Dec 9 - Louisville Male @ Boyd
Dec 16 - Russell @ Ashland
Dec 16 - Boyd @ East Carter
Dec 18 - Ashland @ Ironton

It looks like Boyd and Ashland play the toughest early schedules with games against some of the top teams in the region, the likes of Male and Teays Valley Christian, and the Lexington Catholic tournament.

Dookie 11-12-2017 05:27 PM

I'd take Lewis Co as my no 5 team in the region. Pick-Yates-Cortez-Doyle is a proven group that on any given night can make life tough for some of the upper teams. Honestly- based on experience alone and the fact that Fite is one of the better coaches this team could move up the ladder. Jay does an excellent job and this team usually doesn't beat itself. Not sure what one poster said about Pick not playing...if that's the case it would be a huge loss for this team. Good luck to Coach Fite and these ladies for a successful season.

Dookie 11-12-2017 05:55 PM

Greenup Co is a team I feel will surprise by seasons end. Under the new leadership of Keith Roark this team has no where to go but up. No one in the region can match this team inside. Bryant is a stud in the paint. Jackson I feel is the best athlete in the entire region. This kid has an upside like no one else in the region. A tremendous leaper and an improving basketball player. Miller is the unsung player on this team- brings the lunch pail and goes to work. Kid just flat out hustles and puts up a nice stat line every game. I feel Haywood is the key here. Last year she played Point out of necessity and it hurt her so much offensively. She's a hard nosed kid that can flat out shoot and score. She's a 20 point a night kid with a point guard. Not sure what Roark will do at point. I feel the Zaph kid would be a good option and they have a young kid developing. This team is more of a zone type team that could extend out into a match up zone and cause teams fits. They aren't unathletic with their size. Anxious to see how Coach Roark coaches this team up. He was a valued assistant at Russell. Good luck ladies and new Coach Keith Roark.

Dookie 11-13-2017 01:49 PM

Menifee is a team that could finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th or 7th. Hacker is a double-double night in and night out. This kid flat out has a nose for the ball and can play. Add Walker to the mix who can shoot the 3 with the best of them and this team is scary. Johnson also returns to give them a 3 headed monster that really can match a lot of teams. Ricker does a good job with this team and this would seem to be their year. I don't get to see Menifee a lot and I'm not discounting them at all- but I do know one thing. Playing on their court and getting out of there with a W is not easy. If Menifee can play and win on the road they could well be a top 3 or 4 team. It'll be interesting to see how much they have improved and what they bring to the table this year. They will miss the Franklin girl but I'm sure Coach Ricker has developed someone to step up and take her place. Good luck ladies on a successful season- I look forward to seeing you play!

Dookie 11-13-2017 02:09 PM

East Carter is the wild card in this group. I wouldn't count them out and dismiss them as I feel they will grow as the season progresses. The loss of their 4 seniors and all that experience definitely will hurt, but these younger kids have been competitive and successful coming up through the ranks and I feel by seasons end will give teams fits. Easterling loves to put pressure on teams and I feel like they will continue to do so. Hall and Jackson are the experienced older girls that the younger kids will look to. The Gallion kid is a beast. She fits right in to Easterling's style and I feel will have a break out year. This may not be their season but they will grow up fast and be competitive as the season progresses. They have a ton of young talent also that will be competing for minutes. Again-I don't count this as a down year at East Carter just a growing year for good things to come. Here's hoping you ladies prove the naysayers wrong and have a wonderful season!

kittycat 11-13-2017 08:26 PM

Where are this weeks big scrimmages around the 16th?

Kittens plays Shelby Valley Sat
BC plays Pikeville
who else?

Dookie 11-14-2017 05:42 AM

Where's the BC game and what time? Like to catch that one Saturday. Is Russell still having their pre-season scrimmages? Post times and places if you have them.

kittycat 11-16-2017 12:07 PM

BC plays at Pikeville no idea on time. Russell is having the pre season scrimmage on Monday. No idea on times.

Dookie 11-17-2017 11:26 AM

Lady Lions gonna' be hard to beat this year. Saw them last night.....shooters all over the place! Very athletic team that should be able to get up and down the floor and defend! Can't wait to get started!

kittycat 11-19-2017 09:33 AM

How did BC do at Pikeville?

GOREDDEVILS 11-20-2017 10:27 PM

Did anyone make it to Russell tonight and have results from the panorama?

kittycat 11-21-2017 09:40 AM

Russell over SV
ST Joe over Lewis Co
Ashland over Ches OH

Russell looked good. lots of size and Darnell did her thing outside/ inside. They are missing Mitchell (bad back) so hard to tell. Thought the Ross kid did some good things, looks like Hill is getting back to strength.

ST Joe has got the D1 kids 3 total. They showed signs of being really good but at times looked bored and sloppy ..its early! LC kids never gave up and played till the end as expected. They battled hard and will be a better team as the year goes on…lots of experience!

Kittens came out from the start and overwhelmed the Ches kids. Ashland is playing a very fast style and very aggressive on the defensive end. They can be scary good by the looks of things.
Good days ahead for this bunch!

Dookie 11-30-2017 05:16 AM

After seeing Greenup 3 times now I would have to drop them down the list. They have some talent but this is a head scratcher. Hopefully they get things turned around. Boyd looked good against Greenup and the 1 scrimmage I saw....not sure how they'll be if 3's aren't falling...they live by the 3 ball and have quite a few who can shoot it. We'll know more after they take on the Kittens. Kittens open with Lewis- without Pick Coach Fite has a tough road but he'll have them playing hard. Saw where Runyon dropped 30- kid has the green light and can play- Paynter dropped 25 and looked very comfortable from the corner spot- hard to guard all areas and Boyd will spread you out- and Wheeler will find you! Lots of games coming up as things will heat up a bit this next week- looking forward to Boyd and Blazer Saturday. Good luck ladies!

nekysportsfan 11-30-2017 10:04 AM

I would agree about Greenup. They should be better than they are showing with already 2 blowout losses to Boyd and South Point. I saw in the paper where they had nearly 40 turnovers against Boyd. That is hard to believe. I may drop them to my bottom 8 and move Rowan or Raceland into the top pack.

Raceland had a good early win over Fleming. Rowan had a good win over Mason. Menifee only beat Elliott by 16. That was closer than expected.

There are some big early matchups in the region over the next few days. Raceland hosts East Carter tonight. Lewis hosts Ashland in the official return of Mykasa Robinson. West Carter hosts Chesapeake. The biggest game this evening would be Russell at Boyd, though, a matchup between the last 2 regional champs.

On Saturday, West Carter plays Lewis and the big one of course at Boyd with Ashland. That's where we can get our first glimpse of the Robinson vs Wheeler, who is better, matchup.

Looking forward to the next few days. We should have a clear early picture of some of the top teams over these few games. Much could change, but it will let us know where they stand right now.

kittycat 11-30-2017 01:34 PM

Looking forward to seeing how BC Russell fares guess BC by 10. Home advantage and without Mitchell,it wont be easy to score with the Lions.

Lewis and Ashland. If Ashland takes care of business and plays like their capable.. it can be a long night for LC. I hope they arent looking ahead to the big matchup on Sat as LC is capable of playing hard and keeping it a close grind it out game. Kittens by 17 plus! tonight!

Dookie 12-03-2017 09:08 AM

Well.....things starting to shape up after some early season matches. Not sure because I didn't see it but West Carter hung 87 on Lewis- wow! This group could be scary good and challenge a Boyd/Ashland/Russell this season- shooters everywhere and the Berry girl gives them an inside presence. Real impressed with Russell- gave Boyd all they wanted without Mitchell and Darnell went down with ankle injury in 3rd plus Ross fouled out. Russell definitely has all the tools. Got 1st look at Ashland last night against BC in a tight one. BC struggled shooting but had wide open looks all night- same as against Russell-it will cost them eventually. Shot selection in certain situations wasn't good either. Wheeler and Paynter both took deep 3's at bad times. Robinson physically stronger than anyone on floor and early on imposed her will by getting to rim- Parker also looks better putting ball on floor. Not sure where Ashland has depth though-no one else stepped up at all. BC out rebounded Kittens by a wide margin and that surprised me. Paynter and Parker both kind of mirror each other-nice young talent and both look more mobile. Other teams getting better and moving up-Raceland 2 nice wins. Really want to check out Menifee soon. Greenup still in dis-array and I expected better- lack of pg kills them! Right now I really like Russell after seeing them-if Mitchell gets back healthy they could be regions best team. Lots of ball to play and it's early- I'm gonna try to get out and see a few more teams over the next few weeks. Good luck ladies and remember - it's a marathon...not a sprint!

kittycat 12-03-2017 05:20 PM

Kittens played a hard fought game last night. Hard to believe is right on the rebounds they seemed to get out toughed lots. 0 for 12 from 3 land in the last 2 qts and Robinson on the bench the whole 3rd ...spelled doom. Agree more needs to step up from the Kittens.

BC looked ok at times..Wheeler is offensively a very gifted player that is hard to overcome. Bench really helped them late to seal the deal. Gracie B is a beast and gets everything out of her talent. Both clubs will get better its just a matter of who develops more along the way. BC/Ashland and Russell games will be wars and a must see!

nekysportsfan 12-05-2017 10:31 AM


nekysportsfan 12-10-2017 01:49 AM

Boyd 56 Ashland 51
Boyd 75 Russell 72
Dec 16 - Russell @ Ashland
Jan 11 - Boyd @ Ashland
Jan 22 - Ashland @ West
Jan 25 - West @ Boyd
Jan 29 - West @ Russell
Feb 9 - Ashland @ Russell
Feb 13 - West @ Ashland
Feb 13 - Boyd @ Russell

Dookie 12-11-2017 05:53 PM

Couple of weeks in and a lot more ball to see. Menifee got handled by Russell- after laying eyes on them not sure they can compete for a top 5 spot. Greenup really struggling and lost a couple girls- like to see them turn it around. West Carter is for real- nice group and can flat shoot it. Look for them to give Boyd and Ashland fits with their style if they're hitting shots- youthful group that's fun to watch. Ashland looks better defensively but not sure they can score to beat Boyd. Boyd still the top team in my opinion. Big win over Male and at this point just knows how to win. Wheeler worth the price of admission- really carries this team in crunch time and all the others are contributing plus their depth is a big help. Big games coming up and a lot of ball left. Good luck ladies!

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