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Got a question? Let's say a white coach moves into another state, where it is 97% black, takes over a PUBLIC school coaching job at a school that has never won much at all, brings in about 10 white boys that are very good and will now threaten all the powerhouses that have been powerhouses for years. First of all, we know this wont happen, but lets just pretend. Do you think the people in the area are gonna just be all for this? Are the kids already living there gonna just gonna overlook it and not say things. and after most of the new kids they brought in graduate after the first season, they bring in 5 or 6 more for the next season, and 4 or 5 the following. Sure there are gonna be racist comments made towards these new kids. Thats the unfortunate world we live in today, but id bet the main reason they would not be accepted is that they were doing things illegally and beating the other teams. But when everyone started complaining to the high school committee or whoever would be in charge of the public schools in that state, they(the new coach and players) start saying everyone is racist. We have had black kids come and go throughout this area and not much has been said about racism before. Not saying stuff was never said to a black athlete, but i mean its not been an issue here in many years that i know of. This is gonna make people around here look terrible when its just mostly about people breaking the rules to extreme. I dont hear of anyone complaining about Wesley Christian School bringing in black kids. Thats because they are allowed to. Maybe im wrong on this, but i think this is how most people around here feel.
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