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Originally Posted by Easy Wind View Post
A Perry Co. Central fan talking about somebody breaking rules is laughable. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house!!
As far as Perry Central goes. They were accused of wrongdoing last year and a judge said they did nothing wrong. Have they done something illegal? Again, show me some proof or a judge's order and I will relent. I also stood behind Cordia for a time on here, but when you do wrong you get what's coming to you.

The list of accusations against Cordia in that short period of time is unprecedented. A few of them were not upheld, but most were.

Falsifying records, or maintaining inaccurate records with regards to living arrangements of transferring student-athletes;

Allowing a staff member to lease housing to the family of a student-athlete without ever receiving payment;

Impermissible contact with multiple student-athletes with the intent to sway them to enroll at Cordia for the purpose of competing in athletics;

Providing free transportation to relocate a student from an out-of-state school;

Providing plane tickets on two separate occasions to a student-athlete so he could travel out-of-state;

Facilitating housing for a student-athlete at no cost to him or his family;

Providing money and clothes to student-athletes;

Conducting tryouts for non-enrolled students;

Paying the entire cost of education for two students on an F-1 exchange VISA to attend Cordia;

Providing housing to numerous students that participated on the boys’ basketball team, as well as housing for their families;

Allowing ineligible players to practice and compete in contests before they were cleared to participate;

Requiring players to attend practice prior to the official start date for preseason practice (October 15), and disciplining students who missed these practice sessions;

Holding “open gym” practices that were limited to the boys’ basketball team and thus mandatory, following the elimination from the postseason; and

Failing to properly monitor the coaching requirements for individuals coaching in the boys’ basketball program, including the obligation to complete the legislatively mandated Sports Safety Course. These violations included a 30-day period during the 2013-14 season when no member of the coaching staff met the requirements of Bylaw 25.
Then, throw in some things like bailing kids out of jail a few times and the incident below - and you can't chalk all of this up to racism.


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