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I have heard that the thailer is just to bait you in. Really only about 10% is about race the majority is about the kids and Rod. As far as breaking every rule in the book people get confused the KHSAA blurred the lines in their whole investigation they built the narrative to fit their investigation. Were there rules violated sure but not like they say. What people are forgetting Cordia did not have anything to do with the majority of the violations. Alice Whitaker is not connected with the school. There is no difference in what she did than what LD Gorman or Vernon cooper has done for Hazard in the past. They held the school accountable for something a private citizen not connected with the school did The KASAA sculpted their investigation to fit their own narrative. I mean when you find wrong doing on Alice Whitaker or Rod Rhodes for buying a kid something to eat that does not have the money to eat on that is wrong but all that crap is in the past now and cordia is in better shape than they have been in Ina while. Everything works out for the best.
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