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Originally Posted by hitter View Post
I like Alice but to say she is just a citizen in this situation is wrong in my opinion. Those other people donated to the whole program not just a few students and if your going to say that anybody could have stayed in the dorms then why was nobody staying in them until the ball players started staying. And I think Greg wells only made donations to build the baseball field house and the basketball locker room not for any trips. Alice has helped a lot of people but when it comes to benefits of a basketball player including paying them every month then that's wrong
Hitter you said you know and like Alice Whitaker the last sentence in your quote tells me you don't if you think Alice Whitaker is giving any of those kids one red cent you are crazy. As far as the dorms go anybody could stay that wanted to when I was in school there in the 1980's there was always various people staying there. They just haven't had any need to.
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