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To win these close games, the decision making process within the offense has got to change. Lord have mercy it's the same 5 plays over and over, week in and week out. I've tried giving the benefit of the doubt, I've been very patient, but it ain't working. Our defense has played their tails off all year long. In each loss they have done more than enough to give us a shot to win the game. Had the ball twice with a chance to score and couldn't pull it off. Will Hale punted one **** of a football tonight. Special teams and defense is great this year. Offenaively, the tallent and personel is there, but we are WAY to predictable. Idk if predictable is even the word for it. I called all but two plays in the first half before they happened. That shouldn't be the case. The HB pass was a great and gut call. The scoring drive out of half time, great calls. We were avg 5 or 6 yds a carry off tackle and some short inside and outside curls. When we do that our offense moves really well. But it's only done two or three drives a game. I'm just at a loss at this point. Somerset is a good ball club and in no way did our boys ever lay down. Two in a row like this is hard to swallow.
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