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Originally Posted by Fan of Jewell Field View Post
Wayne County has done intros the same way for 30 years, or better, that was a mess that Rock wanted to go thru the banner, their starters weren't being announced, the Wayne starters were.
I won't get into that....other than in nearly 40 YEARS of watching HS Football I've never, ever see a visiting team go thru the home team's banner, on a positive note that was their best hit of the night.
That's 5 of 6 for Wayne County over Rockcastle County and 21-0 run in third quarter opened the flood gates tonight. Hope to see Rock again, as that would probably mean Wayne would be back at home, but lots of football to be played. Good Luck to Wayne County the rest of the district season! Go Cards!!!

Guess you aren't aloud to be on the field to support your team of Wayne county has done that entrance for 40 years. Wayne county cheerleaders was even on our side of the 50. Last i check each team has one side of the 50 yard line wasn't like Rock ran over the 50 just to go thru Wayne county banner. Next time Wayne county should make sure there banner is on their side if they want their team to run thru it.

Was leaving the game and a whole group of people was yelling yea Rock sucks go home. An rude comments oh well Wayne won tonight but you haven't seen the last we will be back.
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