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Originally Posted by Bossdaddy 4115 View Post
Gut me and you have, I feel gotten closer in terms but your wrong in this one. You gotta play the best in order to get better, if not what good becomes of making it to tournament if you can’t compete. All I am saying is better competition makes your team better. What hurts Whitley is you can’t replace a Wilson at qb, he is good after this season it doesn’t matter who you schedule your back to one dimensional with the run. I am sorry, I picked Whitley in this one by two scores but they dropped the ball. They was in drivers seat and went to sleep at the wheel. Best of luck ole buddy but the next few years are going to be rough I was pulling for big D Wilson in this season but it’s gone. I don’t see them having multiple options like they had this year and that makes it rough. Hats off to the Whitley county players I know,you’ll Gave it all, but I think they wasn’t prepared to stop north and this may be there season
I too believe you need to schedule good teams, but in terms of strategy, this district the last few years has been a 3 team race. If you have a 3 way tiebreaker, it's good to have those wins over a Leslie county per say that will win 7 games. Every point helps in the tiebreaker.

I did some quick math and the tiebreaker looks like this...

As of today...

Harlan County

Ashland - 6
No other non district wins. There only hope to pick up more points is to beat Bell which would probably result in about 5 more points but cancels out since Whitley also beat Bell.

North Laurel

South Laurel - 3 wins. (I only see one more win on their schedule of they can be at Harlan)
Prestonsburg - 3 wins. (I can see maybe 3 to 4 more wins. Good tie breaker game for north.)
East Jessamine - 3 wins. (Maybe one more win but would cancel out with Whitley as a common opponent)
Grant County - 0 wins. Would not count.
That Somerset game would have been a huge pick up for North.

Whitley County

Leslie County- 3 wins (possibly 5 wins)
East Jessamine - 3 wins ( maybe one more but is a common opponent win with North so it wouldn't help)
Bell County - 5 wins (possibly 7 wins. If they beat harlan county that would be huge)
If they beat Hazard that could win district for Whitley. So in other words the last week Whitley could be playing hazard for a district title and hazard may rest up since they'll have there district locked up. That would be about 7 wins.

So this is the likely scenario if Whitley beats Harlan County...

Whitley County - Around 13 points, closer to 16 if they knock off Hazard.

North Laurel - Around 12 points. Only non district game left is Clay and that won't help them replace one of their others

Harlan County - Around 7 points, could be 12 or 13 with a win over Bell.

If Whitley beats Harlan County in a couple of weeks, Whitley will be the one seed.
The two see will depend on whether or not Harlan County beats Bell in the final week of the year.

If Harlan County beats Whitley, they lock up the one seed and it'll be 1. Harlan County, 2. North Laurel, 3. Whitley County
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