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Originally Posted by Bobcat4years View Post
God game for 31/2 quarters. Casey is a average team and we are not average. Looking at Casey schedule, they have Not beats team with a winning record. Very weak schedule will give you a false high.. Bell has been the best team Casey has played and again, we are not that good. 2 years from now, we will make a run at it.. Casey opponents have won a total of 7 games (5 teams).
There is no false high here. I know EXACTLY what we are. We are a team that lost many of those games against these same teams we are beating now. They weren't great teams sometimes back then, when we lost, and aren't great teams now. We are building. The Boyle counties of this football world started out building, playing a fairly easy schedule, to gain interest, and gain numbers. No matter how the opponents record stacks, we got the W at Log Mountain last night, and that was big for our program. In 5 years our program will bring up the craziest amount of skill and big lineman play our team has ever seen. 30+ incoming 7th graders who are the most talented squad we've ever seen, and every year after that are huge numbers with great players. Casey is better than an average 3A team. Legit top 7. But whatever. I met a lot of classy Bell folks last night, especially in the booth. We all know what each other are. Bell improved from last year, Casey maybe improved, or at least saying even with what they were last year after losing one of our best senior classes ever. Respect to Bell, and a young team that battled, and the good folks up in that booth. Rebel Pride!
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