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Originally Posted by Bossdaddy 4115 View Post
Gut me and you have, I feel gotten closer in terms but your wrong in this one. You gotta play the best in order to get better, if not what good becomes of making it to tournament if you canít compete. All I am saying is better competition makes your team better. What hurts Whitley is you canít replace a Wilson at qb, he is good after this season it doesnít matter who you schedule your back to one dimensional with the run. I am sorry, I picked Whitley in this one by two scores but they dropped the ball. They was in drivers seat and went to sleep at the wheel. Best of luck ole buddy but the next few years are going to be rough I was pulling for big D Wilson in this season but itís gone. I donít see them having multiple options like they had this year and that makes it rough. Hats off to the Whitley county players I know,youíll Gave it all, but I think they wasnít prepared to stop north and this may be there season
Why can't they replace Wilson? He is a very good quarterback, but the coaches should have been developing other talented quarterbacks to fill the position over the years. When the program is built that is what the best teams do. They don't just hope to get lucky and find a good player here and there.
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