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Originally Posted by Scotty_Bronson View Post
Idk why they aren't running the offense elite they did with Nathaniel his Jr year AFN? Got him comfortable making the short outs or inside curls, let him have an RPO on bootlegs, it was consistent and it made teams respect the pass even if there wasn't the deep threat. Damon is a great athelete, I just don't feel like they r putting him position to succeed all the time. Now, some of the issues are on him and the recievers, so it's not all coaching. But Somerset was not very successful throwing the ball in the 1st half. But they stuck with it. I don't think they give Damon enough time to get comfortable. And this is coming from someone that was very iffy on him being a good enough qb. He is, but I don't think this system matches his skill set.
Agreed. It seems like they don't trust him and it shows when he throws the ball. He doesn't seem very confident in his ability to put the ball where it needs to go and he appears to second guess himself a lot. I think the biggest issue surrounding our offense right now is there really isn't a leader on that side of the ball who can manage the tempo of the game. We have several good athletes on the field but at times they seem to be lacking direction and that has to change in order for this team to win big games.
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