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Originally Posted by God of Thunder View Post
Fly By Night... you serve your name well. You are a "disgruntled" former PLD Coach ( I use the term "Coach" very loosely.

Lay off PLD. You seem to want to tear them down every chance you get.

I truly coached high school football for the last time in the Spring of 2014. I was asked by Mullins to observe from the booth at PLD in 2016 until Administration told a few of those helping Mullins that we did not go through the screening process to be around kids at FCPS. BTW, I was in the booth for 4 games in 2016 to help with the offense. We won 2 of them (Jeffersontown and Anderson County). The two that we lost should have been victories. We scored 35 points against Tates Creek only to lose to them in overtime after being up 14 midway through the 4th quarter. We lost to Eastern after giving up over 20 points due to turnovers. Nothing I could help with in the booth there.

Mullins asked me to coach in the summer of 2017. Little did I know at the time that there was little, if any, strength on the team. Mullins had decided to not lift heavy in the off-season. Instead, he chose circuit training...or at least his strength coach suggested it and Mullins agreed to it. It wasn't until i showed up in June of this year and suggested that they needed to lift more weight did Mullins change his mind. However, June is too late to begin lifting heavy hence the 5 shutouts this season from a weak line upfront.

There is also little, if any, discipline on the team. Talking back to a coach is allowable at Dunbar football without severe consequences occurring. No wonder the team has now lost 9 straight games dating back to the Henry Clay game of last season.

These are the facts. If facts offend you, then maybe you might want to leave the kitchen because that is where the heat is located.

Good luck to PLD. I hope that the Bulldogs get at least one W this season.

As for me, I am out of the coaching game. I love writing about facts too much! It must be the freelance reporter in me!
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