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Originally Posted by FootballGuy View Post
There is nothing wrong with the coaching. Given what has happened with multiple injuries and such a young team what can you expect? Those that are saying they donít like TJís coaching Iím sure weíre praising him when Russell was in the semis. Sometimes you get a team thatís just not that good and this is one of them.
Thereís a reason he has bounced around to different programs. He canít win big games. Heís an over paid and over hyped waste of a coaching position. Best thing Russell could have ever done is gone far away from this area and hire someone who has never heard of Russell. When your defensive backs are giving the offense a 20 hard cushion, youíll be eaten alive by crossing routes and thatís exactly what happened. Defense is slow and doesnít wrap up. Itís not all coaching, but itís not all the players either. Both coach and players are to blame for the embarrassment that has been this season so far. Itís time for TJ to go.
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