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Originally Posted by Mule kicker View Post
I've watched McCreary central play a few times this season. They are not a bad team and more than capable of winning a big game but I just think Casey will probably be too much for them. McCreary will look back on this season I'm sure and think they should have had a few more win than they have. This team is too good this year to not have a winning season.
Played them in 8th grade, I was helping coach. They were up on us at home by 6, we were driving with about 5 minutes (estimation) left in the 4th. Lightning storm hit that wouldn't let up. Our most irreplaceable player got injured vs Hart the very next week. We agreed to play McCreary Central (for whatever reason), at their place a full game, not just finishing up the 4th. Their house they smoked us without our RB/LB. It was a night and day difference. They were a really good middle school team that probably should have finished up better than they did. Wayne county and others smoked them, that at that time I thought they should have been able to play with. Anyways, if all those kids stayed, that QB, RB, and DE that was a good wrestler as well, I'm sure they are capable of putting a very good game together. I know our coaching staff won't take them lightly.
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