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Originally Posted by WhyLie View Post
Bell County will travel to Clay. Bell gets back on winning track against an improved Tiger team. Moves to 5-2 before Corbin week.

On another note I find this very funny with most posters including myself on occasion. When it comes to Bell and Dudley most outside of Bell said he will get it done in a couple years , Bell will be back under Hilton's care. Bell posters said we are back now 9-1 and here we go because of Dudley's return. If you look now Bell posters have said a couple years and outside posters Bell will not return. Some exceptions are those that actually take time to look at a roster and what may be coming up and what we can get. I guess some just want to complain about anything they can.
I remember when Dudley returned to Bell County from Bourbon County it took him a year or so to get things back on track. Bell County takes this one.
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