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Originally Posted by NextGeneration View Post
This is what we all have wanted to go back to class A. So, why haven't we.......Steve Martin. We have taken and told to by him, every student we can possibly take. Doesn't matter from Bell, Tennessee and active in trying to get them. Just for the money from the state. TN. kids just give a Middlesboro address, never checked. Money. Look at Pikeville, I would think many students want to attend, with their academics and athletics. They keep it under Class A enrollment. This is just another reason Martin's exit has helped this program.

Kids deserve to play and have fun. Make the last few as fun as we can. I hope they all get well.
I'm not really someone who has agreed with everything Mr. Martin has done, but I am a little confused by this post. The goal of the school should be to take an educate every student they can to the best of their ability. Pikeville is in a really weird position because yes, they do cap the number of students they take in but these same students are still able to go to PHS if they pay tuition (I knew some who did it). Football and sports are not the priority, however I do they eventually make it back to 1A. They have been close a number of times but weren't able to make it because the alternative school or the boys home etc.

I respect Steve Martin a lot. He's had a lot of flack from the school district some of it warranted because head scratching decisions. But I don't think you will see the football team compete for a while. Lots of damage done and not many good athletes.

2A hasn't been that bad to Middlesboro I know its hard to remember because all of the losing but just four years ago they were district champs in maybe the toughest district in the state.
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