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Originally Posted by NextGeneration View Post
They do take outside kids with tuition, however if they reach a certain number they cut it off to stay under the Class A cap. If they took everyone that wanted to go I believe they would move up. I talked to their AD once and he hinted to that very process. I may be very wrong. Middlesboro could do the same. Because you want to be Class A doesn't mean education is not the most important. I have been told for years by folks in Middlesboro they want to play Class A . If nothing else travel. That alone would save tons of money. My point it is in their control if they wanted to they could.
Here you go showing off your education again. First of all, class A doesnít have a certain threshold like a magic number that makes you class A, they are classed by the smallest 32 schools in the state. Secondly, middlesboro has an agreement with all surrounding schools; bell county, Claiborne county, pineville, that allows students to transfer to their desired schools without zone restriction. Public districts donít necessarily have the right to turn kids away, and why would you? The ultimate goal of a school system is to educate community members, not win football games.
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