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Originally Posted by PHSForever View Post
Pikeville does NOT cap the number to just stay in Class A level. The cap is in place by agreement with the Pike County schools, and I believe the number is 400 students total in any year from the county school district. So this means from Kindergarten to 12th grade, any student who lives out of the city district and in the county district, must be one of the 300, the agreement has been in place for a long time. And the 300 people must still pay tuition. Last I heard, the County was trying to reduce that number, but I don't know that for a fact since I was not privy to the actual conversation.

Pikeville has had a waiting list of people who have wanted to come to the school forever. Since I was in school even way back in the day.
Thanks I knew that you could not just show up and go. District cap. For whatever reason it keeps you in Class A. There is no waiting list here. I knew Pikeville had to turn away or waiting list because it was such a good school most would want to attend.
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