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Originally Posted by bac2369 View Post
There was a couple plays like that a flag was thrown. I couldn't see for sure on the big hit but I dang well heard it. Plus does High school have the defenseless player rule?
Yes, since Ky follows NFHS rules, they have the defenseless player rule. Not too sure about how it is worded though, because the way it is worded, any receiver who has just caught a pass technically can't be tackled until they clearly establish themselves as a runner. I think a red who may be wanting to be a nitpicker against a team could be technically within the rules by flagging such a hit/tackle and justify it, but I'd prefer common sense to rule in such situations. Keep in mind, I'm NOT saying the ref was flagging for or against any team but the potential is there. I think it needs to be clarified a little better in the example they give. In reading the rule, TECHNICALLY the Pikeville player did commit a personal foul. Realistically, it was a good hard hit and tackle.

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