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I believe Coach Maynard will do just fine at Russell. I understand the frustration on here from what 2 users that want to bash the coaching week to week even when we WIN you will the Bashing from ThinBlueLine and now Reddevil07 to back him up. He has done an outstanding job at Russell since taking over in 2014. In his 3 years he is 30-9 and yes beaten by Belfry which has won 3 straight State Championship 2014-2016 with outstanding talent that many players have played on Division 1 teams in NCAA. I know the 2 users on here has the problem on how Coach McGlone was handled by the Admin at Russell. I was a huge Coach McGlone fan and was there in 78 and 2005 in both Championships for Russell under Coach McGlone. I still believe that he was nearing retirement at 75 in 2013 and Russell did want him to stay in 2014 for another year. Either way Coach Maynard was going to be the next Head Coach at Russell and don't really understand the 1 user that says he has moved all over in coaching. I just remember Coach Maynard at Raceland from 2010-2013 and was 33-15 at Raceland. So, at Raceland and Russell in his 7 years he is 60-24 and that is pretty good at 2 schools that are looked at as Football schools. The big problem is that for Russell, Ashland, and Raceland playing in 1A, 3A, and 4A is that we go up against each year Belfry in 3A, Johnson Central in 4A, and Paintsville in 1A and in the last 4-5 years these teams have been unbeatable has been in the Championship Games over 10 times and has won 6 or 7 State Championships. These 3 teams have dominated Ashland, Russell, and Raceland over last 5-6 years. I still believe like Friday night vs. Fleming County when you have 4-5 outstanding players out for season with Injuries they played on both sides of the ball. When you lose players like Ryan Stump, Nathan Brinkman, Jaeden Layne, Anderson, and Ewing it is hard to overcome in a season. When you lose 1 or 2 and they can come back that is one thing but for 3 or 4 of these players they are done for the season. Just losing Ryan Stump was a huge loss being a huge offensive player at WR and making huge plays with Church and defensive player at Linebacker was a huge loss and then both Brinkman and Layne was huge. QB Church still fighting through a Shoulder injury and didn't practice most of the summer and didn't play in any scrimmage before regular season. That is hurting Russell fighting through that shoulder injury when your one of the best QB in the area. Coach Maynard has said he lost his 3 top CB's this year and that showed when Fleming County threw for over 300 yards Friday night. The only good to come out of this is getting the Freshman to play more at RB, WR, and on the defensive side of the ball that will help for next 2 or 3 years. We still can end up at 6-4 and see where we go from that for the remainder of the season. To lose though vs. Fleming County with 5 or 6 players down with injuries and your QB playing through a bad shoulder is a huge accomplishment when you were leading most of the game by 2 scores and if you just Punt the ball out of bounds with 28 seconds to go down on Fleming County's 20-25 yards line the game would have been over and huge win for the home team. The next 3 games should tune-up Russell for big last home game vs. Raceland and heading to the Playoffs. The Freshman and Sophmores still have 4 games to continue to get better and getting more playing time will help when heading to the Playoffs.
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