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Originally Posted by Orange Blaze View Post
In 2013 they were forced to vacate several wins because they played an ineligible player. I won't get too much into everything that was surrounding the program at that time but let's just say that people in high level positions in the school system made a lot of bad choices which ultimately led to the demise of not only the football team but several other athletic programs as well. It truly is a sad situation because there was a lot of community pride there for a few years and the ones who are really suffering from the sins of those adults are the kids who are there now.
I agree 100%. I have had my battles with Clint and Scrappy over the years, but let it be known that I really hope they can figure that mess out over there. At one point, our district was the biggest baddest district for a 5 or 6 year span. All 3 teams had a 6+ win season for a good while. Fairview has lost that BTW attitude that was so **** irritating for awhile. But I hate to see the kids suffer bc of it. It all started whwn Raceland beat Fairview at Raceland for the district title in 13. Fairview came in undefeated and we thumped them. I will never forget seeing Fairview voluntarily walk across the field woth like 40 secs to go. That was the end, imo. I like Fred Ray. I really do, I hope he can get things going again over in Mossy Bottom. They have some tallent in their JFL and have a really good support system woth the parents, it seems. Hopefully that continues. I have always said, good football breeds good football. I don't want anyone around here to suck! As for this game...

Tigers take a 50+ point bite out of the Eagles.
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