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Unfortunately Calloway hasn't had much of a team since 2008. Maybe one or two mediocre years. This year's team is way down and a banged up QB has only made things worse. Pikeville should win by 30+ with a real chance of running clock.

As for eats,

Matt B's Main Street Pizza. Some of the best pizza in western KY, just minutes away from the field. Quick in and out, by the slice or whole pie, calzones...mmmmm. Only downfall, they don't serve beer (at least, last time I was there). I put this pizza right up there with Pagliai's in Princeton and Pizza by the Pound in Paducah.

The Big Apple Café. Legendary from the days of college students "going south" when the restaurant was located in Puryear, TN before Murray went wet. Killer slaw burger (BBQ w/ cheddar and slaw). Great Mexican food and magaritas too!! Good college atmosphere.

The Keg. Seafood, BBQ, Cajun, and more....Another great place for college atmosphere and just down the highway from the field.

Mugsy's. More pizza (Chicago style), but this time with beer if that's your thing. On the court square downtown. More room to sit and eat than Matt B's, but will take longer if time is a factor. Also, a little further from the field.

I'm sure there are other great options if you ask around.

After your meal, go get desert at the DQ. Located on main street it is one of the original free standing drive-ups (ice cream only... I think). For years, it was said this DQ sold more ice cream than any other in the nation. Amazing since it is still a seasonal operation.

Enjoy your visit, Murray/Calloway is a really nice area. Great people and a beautiful college campus.
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