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Originally Posted by smoke1015 View Post
Anyone seen Caldwell? Wondering how good they are. ETOWN? I would like to have been able to play Larue. I have no idea who is better between us. If the kept the same kids they had when they were in 8th, they had a really talented group. The 7th grade class had 2 huge backs (when they were in middle) that I figure ended up as linebackers or D ends in high-school due to lack of speed. They had a receiver that was an absolute stud on their 8th grade squad who should be a senior right now. He was legit, if they still have him.
Talented as always. Upfront on the OL is probabably their biggest “weakness”. QB Joby Jaggers has stepped in and done a very good job. Caldwell is mostly juniors also; they’ll return almost everybody next year. If you can line up and run the ball at them like Tilghman; then you might have a chance (but, you also have to be able to stop them)

Loaded. They literally returned almost everybody from last years state semifinal team; 19 of 22 starters. Athletically they are scary. Jay Becherer (#14/RB) might be the most electrifying players in all of 3A, and they have more to go around. Everybody that touches the ball for them can score anytime they touch it.

All of those kids are still there. The two big kids you referred to; one is their 2nd leading rusher (also plays some at DE) and the other starts at a DE spots; while being their best D lineman. He’s a mismatch for a lot of kids. Kid has a special talent (6’4-maybe more-210 and I don’t know if he’s even began to grow yet- name is Dailliss Cox- pronounced like Day-Less)

Personally, I think 3A comes down to Belfry, Corbin, Central, Boyle and Elizabethtown.

Teams 6-15 I’m not sure how much difference there is to be honest; all about match-ups. You’re state champ is going to come from one of those 5.
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