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I believe many fans are down on Russell right now but I don't believe how the Fans don't understand how many players that Coach Maynard and Russell has lost for the season. We are talking 4 or 5 two-way players and these players were not 2nd string or backup players. We are talking about players that are seniors and that was a major part of the offense at Running backs, Wide Receivers, and Defensive side and especially now losing 3 starting CB's on Defense. That has been a huge hit for the Red Devils at CB when last week we saw Fleming County throw for over 300 yards in the win. If we have our 3 starting CB's in the Lineup it would have made a difference. We also have a injured QB Church with a Should Injury that has nagged him since summer and during the season and we can see that this had been a issue. I still feel we the youth that has stepped up in last couple of weeks we will be fine. We were ahead of Fleming County by 2 scores most of the game and made a huge mistake at the end of game with 27 seconds not to just kick the ball out of bounds at 20 yard line. That would have probably wrapped up the game if the punt would have went out of bounds which Coach Maynard mentioned in ADI that is what they were going for at the end of the game was the out of bounds Punt. The Snap was initially HIGH and that caused of course the Punter to hurry the kick and that kept the ball in play and near 80 yard punt return for the winning TD. We should be fine this week at Pendlelton County. We just need the Defense to get tough and keep running and throwing the ball like we have the last 2 weeks and we will be fine.
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