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Originally Posted by RunItUpTheGut View Post
I know. Whitley could break some records against Letcher after seeing what Perry has done.
Since it's the night before my commodores play your mighty Whitley co team gut I want to give you a little piece of my mind. First off , you are the most dispicable poster I've ever witnessed. Or rather , scum
Of the earth to me. Pcc may lose by 50 to Whitley but that's ok. What you know idiot about football in Perry co is zero. Let me fill
You in idiot. We have 8 starters , the best 8 players at Hazard high school, not playing at Pcc, who should be playing at pcc. If they were here idiot we would be the third or fourth best team in 5a. Yes that's a fact idiot. Understand! I'm sick of your ignorance! I won't name kids but we trained them all and I'm middle school we beat hazard like 52-7 and it could have been a lot worse. We beat them repeatedly to death. Those kids split up and some went to Hazard. We would be dominating if they stayed together idiot. Okay! So what you know is nothing and good luck on your running clock trash. Better hope u win because if not you are the only loser!
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