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Originally Posted by Gummie Bear View Post
I'll give it to the ole Whitley fans, they really know how to roll. Every team they pullnsame strings.
Beat their opponent down before the game with whatever useless stats they can find and then if they get beat it's never that they really got beat it's that they've had an off night or outcoached. Same excuse everytime.
Here is perfect example of piling on a team who is playing up a class who has really never had much success and is having one of best years in history for them. Perry has won 5 games in three years and you all rag on them.
They do what they are supposed to and that is win, regardless and it's not like they are squeaking by everyone they are setting huge numbers it appears by the weekly leader boards.
Maybe you all think it adds to the board to be sarcastic or demeaning but it greatly waters it down.
Did typing all these useless paragraphs of BS make you feel smart?
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