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This is where we are seeing the youth for Russell to come through on the offensive side of the ball. The one play for PC was the 52 yard pass play to start the game and a 6-0 PC lead. Other than that PC had only 40 more yards in 1st half and in the 2nd half was held scoreless. The offense for Russell is way better when Church is playing QB even though he is fighting through a shoulder injury. Russell tried Wilburn at QB to start 2nd half and the two series the offense did nothing until Church was inserted back into QB and he threw a couple of big receptions and Russell scored two more TD's to win 49-14. The offense even though losing a couple of RB's for the season still has 4-5 top RB's in Bates, Duvall, Conley, Sharp, and Anderson. If Church at QB could get through this Shoulder Injury and I don't know the details of his Shoulder Injury but he is still making big plays throwing the ball. It would be great if his Shoulder could get near 100% before end of season and before the playoffs gets going after the season. The offense looked good and the young RB's did well tonight for Russell. With Bates, Duvall, Conley, Anderson, and Sharp running the ball I would run 80% of the time when you have Duvall and Bates run the ball for 14 times for 267 yards. The remaining RB's of Conley, Sharp, and Anderson did well too. Church threw the ball well when he needed a big play or 1st down. Russell just needs to get the defense doing better on the pass play and the special teams. Russell gave up a 52 yard TD Pass to start the game and they another kickoff return go for 60 yards and also had a punt blocked so the special teams and the CB's on the defense have to get better. I know Coach Maynard said Russell has lost 3 starting CB's this year and you could see it especially last week giving u p over 300 yards passing and this week's 52 Yard TD pass to start the game. If Russell could get better in those 2 areas Russell will be fine when the playoffs start in about 4 weeks.
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