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Originally Posted by Kracken View Post
Corbin ran a hidden receiver play following a punt. Team huddled around their coach, kids ran on and kids ran off. One kid acted like he was leaving field of play, but stopped just short of the sideline. He actually stood there with his back to the field pretending like he was talking to a coach or something. Ball is snapped and he sneaks up the sideline for an easy touchdown pass.

The play is illegal at all levels under the rules related to 'intention to deceive' following dead balls and timeouts. It's bush league and has no place in competitive football. I can't believe Corbin would run crap like that, they are good enough to win without having to resort to such 'tactics'.

Not worried about Corbin and their cheat plays. As a great man said, "Mayfield has bigger fish to fry".
What other mayfield board are you talking about.
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