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Breathitt is a coaching graveyard. The school system is littered with ex-boys coaches like Glen Napier, Doug Noble and Steve Banks. Not to mention Baker, Denny Fugate, Roscoe Denny, Amis etc etc... The whole school system has always been controlled by a few. Now its even worse. Breathitt County schools is no different now then when controlled by disgraced former superintendent, Arch Turner. The chairman of the board's husband controls every personnel move up too and including the coaches. His first cousin with no playing or coaching experience was recently hired as the girls coach. Whats worse is he has a son that is or will soon be a Bobcat. He will hand pick the boys coach to his liking and if his son is not taken care of this coach will be dismissed, no matter how good a coach he is. That is a fact. Whats worse this board member and her husband are not even graduates of Breathitt Schools. Both are Riverside Alumni.
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