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Terrible idea to implement it quickly. I would wait and work it into the 2019 season to align with new alignments. Would give them time to truly work out some sort of seeding process that would be more fair. Right now, the polls are all over the place from week to week based on factors such as having played a minimum two instate teams (hurts Belfry sometimes, as an example, even though they play quality out of state teams usually). Also, playing devils advocate here, if they DO count those out of state teams in rankings, then Pikeville playing Tolsia and Grundy could unfairly increase our rankings. I point that out just to show I’m not being a homer. Lol. If average of three polls were used, then for example a team that is a 2 in two polls and 5 in another because of out of state competition would would average a 3, while a team who is two in the same two polls but a 3 or 4 in the other poll would end up ranked higher (based on average). Make sense? This is why I think they need to take a little longer and create a solid system if this is the way they want to go.
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