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Default Who is the best team in the 15th now ?
I would just about take a wild gander and say that Belfry is probably about the 2nd or 3rd best team in this region along with Paintsville.
1.) Valley
2.) Belfry
3.) Paintsville
4.) Prestonsburg
5.) South Floyd
That's my top 5. From 6 on down I could really care a less.
I could not agree more. As Basketballer said, SV is there for now, but I don't look for them to be there much longer either. They have played too many teams too close in the 15th, and its still too early to tell whose gonna be where when March rolls around. Losing Kiser really hurt them, but I look to see them be better off without him--never played "team ball." But he was DARN good.

Belfry is playing hard, and are a very quick and physical team. Adam Wicker is back from suspension and Jamie Case will be back soon. By the time March rolls around, Wicker and Case will be back in rhythm with the rest of the team, and Belfry will be SOLID. Do not overlook them in the least.

I don't know much about Paintsville or South Floyd, but judging by SF's schedule, and who they have beaten, I don't understand how they could be ranked higher than East Ridge or Sheldon Clark. But, yet again, I have not seen them play.
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