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Originally Posted by thecavemaster View Post
My friend (an engineer who barely escaped Iran in the revolution that brougth Ayatollah Khomeni to power in the mid 70's) speaks five languages, one of which is Persian. He tells me that Ahminijad (?) did not call for the annihilation of Israel...but rather said that as a result of its unjust treatment of the Palestinians, Israel would be removed from the pages of history (as a result of its own wickedness). Jesus of Nazareth said the same thing shortly before his death ("not one stone will be left on another")... Anyone care to venture a guess on the only nation to actually use a nuclear weapon on other human beings? Anyone care to venture a guess on how Sadaam Hussein came to have chemical weapons in the first place? The Iranian president is a Ph.D...he's not some idiot risen out of the sand. I don't know what all of his policies and beliefs are, but I know a propaganda smear job when I see one. Why is it so necessary for Americans to believe that this nation can't be anything but "all things nice" when the facts of history suggest otherwise...not that we are "all things evil" but that we have a checkered history as well.

What makes you think that Amadinejad is so innocent of any wrong doing?
Why do you think America is conducting a propaganda war against him?

I watched an interview several month's ago, where several former hostages from the 1979 Iran hostage crisis have identified Amadinejad as one of the key individuals holding them inside the Embassey for 444 days.

You mentioned that he has a Ph.D....yes he does in Traffic and Transportation Planning, you also mentioned that he is "not some idiot risen out of the sand", but neither was Adolf Hilter, Erwim Rommel or Isoroku Yamamoto, but we came very close to paying for their stupidity during WWII.
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