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Originally Posted by Westside View Post
Ok, let's say Cal was a saint at UMASS and suddenly turned unethical at Memphis, and then became a saint at UK again. The Memphis scandle should still be enough to keep anything Cal related from hanging in Rupp IF you are going to justify taking down Pitino's jersey.
Like I said earlier in this thread.... Cal was cleared by the NCAA on the UMass & the Memphis situations. Cal is not the villain here. Either UMass is full of complete idiots for brining Cal back & hanging a banner for him or they know he was not responsible for them having to vacate their best season in school history.

There is no way UK would bring Cal here if they thought for a second if they he was in hot water from either place.

The Boogeyman & Chuck Norris check under their bed's and in their closet for Sandy Bell, she is a beast..... if she thought for one second Cal was 'dirty' or 'hot', she would be on it faster than you can blink.
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