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Lets do a comparison.....

John Calipari
- Cleared by the NCAA on the Marcus Camby situation in 1996 at UMass. He was proven to not have been involved with this and suffered no penalty.
- Cleared by the NCAA on the Derrick Rose situation in 2008 at Memphis. He was proven to not have been involved with this and suffered no penalty.

Rick Pitino
- Had an Affair/Abortion/Extortion scandal that led to Karen Sypher serving time in Federal prison. He was not arrested or faced any NCAA penalties, but UofL kept him as coach. He would have been released at any other respectable university in the country.
- The UofL administration ADMITTED that stripper parties & sexual acts involving the strippers took place IN THEIR BASKETBALL DORMITORY for recruits, the recruits dad's & players. This is the reason UofL is going to loose their 2012 Final 4 appearance & their 2013 National Championship. The money for said stripper parties/sexual acts was provided by a coach on the UofL staff. The source of the money is yet to be 100% determined, but the shoe scandal may provide more information as to its source.
- UofL's administration admitted last week they are named as [University-6] in the Federal indictment handed down on the Adidas athletic apparel scandal. Credible news agencies and law enforcement have confirmed that Rick Pitino is [Coach-2] in the indictment. The Feds have audio/video evidence of a UofL asst. coach as well as Rick Pitino talking about paying a players family for him to come to UofL just weeks after they were placed on probation by the NCAA and their appeal is still pending on StripperGate. Said player has been removed from the basketball team and from UofL as a student.


UofL fans HAD the mentality that even though UK has more championships and has a better history, that they HAD the moral 'high ground'. The 1951 & 1989 scandals gave UofL fans ammo to use against UK fans whenever something would come up... and let's be honest, those were two pretty bad incidents. UK's basketball program has served their sentence, we took our medicine and moved on. Now, some UofL fans can't accept what all has come down on them the last 8+ years. They know, but won't admit, UK is a better program and their mentality of a moral 'high ground' over UK is gone.
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