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Originally Posted by Wyatt Earp View Post
Good action Colonel by telling The Ref that you can't make it. It appears that straight talk is the best way to communicate with him. You could have been like him and say that you were definitely going and then not show but that isn't the Cowboy way. Hop-a-Long Cassidy would not let The Ref even be around with the way he twists all truths. Don't ever tell me anything Ref because I don't believe it for a second, and furthermore don't get in my way when justice has to be done because I got some real good friends that back everything I say and I say you are gonna be spray painted bigtime next time you show in Death Valley. Nice job Colonel and all the little kids in the land can see what a role model the Cowboys are. You make us sick to our stomachs Ref and in fact that low down Wal-Mart controlling Cordella is not far behind you.
Thanks Wyatt, I done just as taught by our Founding Father...........SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. Straight talk is just the Cowboy way and there is no other.
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