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Originally Posted by Hound05 View Post
Is lack of discipline/coaching or talent? I didnít get to watch them play the Hounds last week
NOT lack of talent. But I think lack of "playing smart", which has to go to coaching. I am a boxing guy, first. So analogies, McCreary on defense is like a power punching boxer with a glass chin. They only care or want to get their licks in, even if you counter them and knock them out in the end. As in they are coming to take your head off, miss totally, or glancing shot, 1 out of 5 times they hit you big. They don't care you go (it seems to me), for a 50 yard TD, as long as at some point in the game they make that one big, POP, on the offensive guy. No other way to explain it to me, on their defense. They have the stinken players. Fast, physical, very strong and obviously on a very good weight lifting program...They weren't super special on offense, just our fall break in Casey...been off a week of school.
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