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Originally Posted by Bossdaddy 4115 View Post
I just hope Haddix wants to give Dudley a taste of what he was so well known for doing. Running it up a bit😁
I don't think he'll have a problem with that. We were within 4 of Corbin in state last year at the beginning of the 4th. Threw a pick, and a super "bang-bang" completion then bang bang hit by a Corbin safety or corner on our WR, refs called it a catch and fumble. The throw was a great throw though, although the catch was questionable, but that's neither here nor there. Corbin is fired up and punches in a score. Our best tailback is still on the bench from a hit out of bounds towards the end zone. I can't remember if Corbin onsides, and recover, or if we just get a quick 3 and out (Corbin defense was exceptional). They punch in another. Game is broken out then. Corbin went from, 21 I think, to 34 quick. I can't remember if that was the final, Corbin 34, Casey 17, or if Corbin got one more. If I recall Corbin could have kneeled it out, but I may be wrong on that. They went ahead and punched in that last one to go to 34, I But yeah, I don't think Haddix has a problem punching in as many scores against district rivals as he can, and especially against a legend who was known for doing it. I will say, in the past when Corbin had running clocks on Casey, they always subbed early and would make it less embarrassing. Bell would beat you by as many as they could, in the Dudley days.
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