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Originally Posted by Watchful Eye View Post
The US Prosecutor that has him under indictment is a PITBULL. He just recently convicted about every elected official in Bath Co. for vote buying. He also tried and convicted the two ladies in Johnson Co. that embezzeled all the money from Johnson Central. Not to mention the entire city of Manchester is in federal prison due to him. I wish the Judge Ex all the best but it sounds like he starting his long journy up that creek, you know the one, without a paddle.

I can testify to the fact that Manchester is corrupt. I had quite an experience there with cops one night while driving through town for work. A guy ran out in front of me in the road during some 'festival' or something, and he was clearly drunk.. dancing in the street and screaming at me to slow down. And I look to my left while waiting on the idito to get out of the road, and about 3-4 cops are sitting on golf carts with about 10 other guys who are absolutely drunk out of their mind... and as a cop walks over to get the guy out the road, i notice... he TOO is drinking, and staggering. Still in uniform... I was wondering when Andy and Barney were going to come take care of things.
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