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The mainstream media is always on the lookout for stories that make christians appear foolish. Unfortunately there are a lot of gullable folks in this world who will follow any kook that comes along. From Charles Manson to Harold Camping there will be a never ending procession of these self proclaimed enlightened ones and millions of adherents to mindlessly follow.

The contempt and bias that the media have for the christian faith is evidenced by the light they cast these goofs in and that in turn has the effect of lumping everybody who goes to church as sublimely naive and simple minded. Hence, CNN's interest in airing this completely un-newsworthy story. The truth that is God's word, when presented properly is majestic, powerful, and sharper than a two edged sword. The ark Noah built and the ship of fools depicted by the mainstream media are light years apart.
Just as the iconic bum sporting the body placard which reads on one side the end is near, and repent on the other, gives them something to laugh about and make them feel better about themselves. But, the irony is that the bum is right, and it is the elevated ones in the media that hide from the truth. Predictions about Christ's return date by nature make those that predict look rediculous.
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