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Originally Posted by pjdoug View Post
I know all about the geography of Harlan County and Kentucky, and I'm in a "holler" myself. Whitley County High School is a mountain school , but I don't have to rappel down to the stadium . I hope you don't think I'm taking anything personal on here. lol... I think it really is hard to tell if some teams are mountain teams or not . I think Wayne County is more of a mountain team than Pulaski, but they are not in the coverage area are they ?
I must have misunderstood what you said. And if either of us took ANYTHING on BGR personally, I doubt we'd get back on here!

You COULD rappel down to Harlan County School, if you chose to do so.

As far as who is and who isn't a mountain school, I don't give a poop! As long as you guys keep it clean and don't get into some kind of a pissing contest, all is good!!
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