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Originally Posted by Granny Bear View Post
I think he is being serious, and he has a right to that opinion.

HC beat Corbin in pre-season. Then we suffered massive injuries to a large number of our talented first stringers. This wasn't broadcasted because, let's face it, nobody wants to hear it. Saying that a team lost because of injuries, dilutes the win for the other team and offends them most often times.

We got most of our guys back as evidenced by how deep we went post season; but never got back to the pre-season roster.

Since this is a hypothetical KOM, hchs has every right to say that.

You really should understand that with the situation Belfry faced with Wellman being injured late in the season. That killed Belfry! As it was, I believe HC went one game deeper in post season play that Belfry did. Injuries can break a team; sad but true.
Harlan County did beat a very good Ashland team first game of the season. So, that does make sense. As far as a fan base that would use the injury excuse because they got destroyed in the playoffs, I couldn't possibly think of one.

. . . . . .

Never mind, that Pirate ship has sailed or at least sunk.
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