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64 got the better of me tonight. I hope they get the better of everyone else too.

I think Corbin had a great game plan. Mayfield on the other hand, I could not understand. Hurt has been killing it at RB lately. We didn't even use that. The qb with the most diversity and options only got 3 plays at that position tonight. That puzzles me. Then, we move the ball 90 yards down the field on the opening drive just to stop at the 5 or so and miss a fg. Then you move the ball again like clockwork to kick a fg. Then you move the ball 70+ yards to throw a pass in the field of play instead of the zone to end the half. Of course 2 blown coverages really killed us. I remember years when a player blows 1 like that and then gets a break on the side. Should never blow it twice. Corbin did a great job of clock game to keep the cards offense off the field. I still have lots of unanswered questions.
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