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Originally Posted by Stardust View Post
Who is tired of Reigns? He has the 3rd highest television ratings for both shows, and he is 2nd only to Cena in Merchandise sales? So, tell me who is tired of Reigns? It's an exceptionally small percentage that hates Reigns!
How many more Pushes are the creative team gonna give to Reigns?

Winning the Rumble, beating Hearst for the WWE title @ WM 32, beating the Undertaker @ WM 33..... The only thing left is for him to win the Brawl for All.

Reigns can be a great Heel.... I look at it like reverse psychology. He's getting boo'ed out of the building (yes, I know some people have no idea why they are booing him) as a Face. Turning him Heel would let the fans cheer for him for being a bad guy that does bad guy things.

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