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Originally Posted by cherokee View Post
Maybe you and joker are the same, I travel all over Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina working and believe me not everybody perceives Corbin in this manner.
I'll agree that not everyone in Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina perceives Corbin that way-- it's probably heaven to some people, so that's not really going out on a limb.

I'm not sure what that statement really proves.

I've had people hear my thick Appalachian accent and ask, "did you grow up close to Corbin?" and you usually know what they are really asking.

I've heard some pretty intense stuff, which, for Appalachia, is saying something.

For example:

Are you going to deny that Corbin kids were waving nooses at OBI (a predominantly black team) during the 2003 All-A Classic?

Why did (one) small business print popular "Rebel Week" shirts for Corbin's football game against Casey County? Did those have Confederate flags? Why would Corbin kids be wearing their opponent's logo on a t-shirt... weird, right?

Have there been instances where Corbin captains have refused to shake the hands of black captains on opposing teams (despite shaking the hands of opposing captains who were white)?
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