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Originally Posted by RealJokersWild24 View Post
Agree, but in this case, it is probably best for all involved. Very volatile situation, especially with the game being at Corbin.

Another incident, especially one with any type of racial element, at the school this soon could have some serious ramifications.

Fair or unfair, sometimes perception is reality, and at this point, the town of Corbin and Corbin High School have almost painted themselves into a corner (i.e., past behavior at games, the yearbook controversy, the Snapchat incident, etc.) and even an accusation (whether true or not) could be devastating. If there were an ugly incident that got caught on film, etc. (and you would imagine that people would be watching in anticipation), then the fallout would be unreal.

If I were in the shoes of the person whose head would roll if things got out of hand, whether it involved me, a player, or a fan, then I'd probably want it cancelled, as it looks like the risk far outweighs the reward.
It's a shame that 2 high school basketball teams 3 hours away had to cancel a game due to the weather, sickness or a scheduling conflict without some clowns trying to make it a racial conflict and degrading the good people of Corbin.
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